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Desantis protects cuban migrants from Martha's Vineyard...and beyond, but not other immigrants!

Migrants in line for assistance from the city of Martha's Vineyard. Photo by Jonathon Wiggs, Boston Globe, via Gettys

By Brian Patrick Moore

Florida State Senate 11 candidate Brian Patrick Moore called out Governor DeSantis in a news release of September 17th to "Apply your actions fairly to all immigrants! Send the Cuban migrants in Florida to Martha’s Vineyard too!"

The Green Party candidate says he does not agree with the Governor's treatment of new migrants to America, but the least he can do is to "treat all migrants fairly!"

The bully governor sends Venezuelans, Mexicans, and Dominicans to New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago, but, Moore asks, "What about the Cubans?"

Do the Cubans still get pampered treatment from the Republicans because of their Party's needed votes?

Moore concluded, "If DeSantis is going to bully the northern blue states, or send the migrants arriving in Texas to other states, then "bully the Cubans in Florida with an equal hand—send them the Cubans!!!"



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