DeSantis should look in the mirror when honoring victims of Communism!---

Candidate Moore says he will honor heroes who fought fascism instead!

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Brian Patrick Moore for Governor of Florida, May 12, 2022

While Governor DeSantis declares November 7th as a day in Florida to “honor the victims of Communism,” and announces an award of $25 million to the Miami-Dade Community college one has to wonder if this is just another act of his political pandering.

The idea of awarding a predominantly Cuban-American college in Miami, under the guise of “fighting communism,” and making the formal celebration to occur the day before the general election which he will be up for re-election, makes one seriously pause. Should we not see the Govern’s motivation as a disgusting act of pandering to an anti-Castro population who traditionally has voted for, and contributed loads of money to, Republican candidates?

The irony of a political leader in Florida who has wielded Communist-like tactics for the previous three years, against all segments of the state’s population, now claiming to be the great defender of freedom and democracy, is downright insulting. Does he think the people are stupid?

As a candidate for Governor myself this year, I believe we should do the reverse. We should honor the heroes who fought against fascism. We should honor the brave men and women, our descendants, who fought against the likes of totalitarian tyrants like Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, and their hordes in WWII.

We also should honor the people who stood up to racism, totalitarianism and fascism both here and abroad. What about honoring the many Americans who defended their rights of free speech and assembly and who refused to bow to the power of government or public opinion? And what about their suffering terrible consequences of job loss, defamation and ostracism, during the dark period of anti-communism in America from 1948 to 1958?

It finally took the U.S. Supreme Court to confirm and re-establish that all Americans have a right to free speech and assembly without penalty or imprisonment.

As Governor I will honor these heroes, and I will set up a commission so we can both honor the heroes against fascism, but also review those honored by previous Florida Governor administrations to ensure that these people were not Fascists. and are good role models that we should strive to emulate.


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