Don't say gay? Embrace and accept all Floridians; don't peddle hate of frat-boy bully DeSantis! photo of a gay couple with child

April 2, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, candidate for Governor, Green Party

Governor DeSantis’s is attacking an entire community under the guise of "protecting children" with the sex education bill he recently signed into law.

First he goes after the voters, then the teachers, then the LBGTQ community. And now it is the children. Who is next? The Jews?

We should not be afraid to discuss these issues. It is not up to the state to decide what children learn. It is up to the parents!

What Governor DeSantis is doing is creating an environment of anti-gay sentiment and threatening people who address the issues with potential law suits or termination from their jobs.

We need to embrace every member of our communities. All Floridians.

As governor, I will embrace everyone’s uniqueness; and not peddle the hate of frat-boy bully Ron DeSantis.

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