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Fair treatment in Tyre Nichols case finally provided by judge to five accused officers!

LiveNOW Fox photo

Thursday, March 9, 2023 by Brian Patrick Moore

Due process is finally seeing the light of day in the Tyre Nichols case in Memphis.

A judge has allowed a motion to delay to the defense attorneys for the five Memphis police officers charged in the death of Nichols. The order applies to the release of all video, audio, reports, administrative hearings and personnel files related to the Nichols investigation.

Until now, the press and media, along with lawyers for the Nichols family, have presented a one-sided version and misused videos resulting in the public becoming judge, jury and executioner, before any due process and rights of the accused have been protected.

The premature use of videos by the press and media has corrupted any chance for fair and impartial trials for the accused in our country. Thank goodness, it takes a fair-minded judiciary and judge to protect all citizens rights.

Such a citizen entitlement was not afforded officer Derek Chauvin and his four police colleagues in the George Floyd case in Minneapolis when a partial video was released to the public 10 months before trial.


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