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Far-right/hate coalition labels Moore "Far-left." Opponent mass-texts post to registered voters.

Coalition includes anti-gay, anti-islam jihadists, recruitment of “election integrity” workers and opponents of transgender issues!

Self picture of Moore on Columbus Day, Oct. 10th, 2022, at Bayport, Florida historical site where Union and Confederate armies had multiple skirmishes over war supply routes near mouth of Weeki Wachee river---outlet to Gulf of Mexico.

Moore advocates "more conservative" positions than opponent, who has flipped to support big costly government and restricting citizens’ rights and freedoms.

Saturday, October 29, 2022, By Brian Patrick Moore for State Senate 11

Spring Hill, Florida: Reclaiming Florida for Christ, AFA Action, FRC Action and Tea Party Patriots issued an”” survey to hundreds of candidates running for office in Florida.

They labeled Brian Moore’s responses as a “Confirmed far-left” candidate!

Moore's opponent, Blaise Ingoglia, mass-tweeted it to registered voters in State Senate 11 (see above attached picture of tweet). His PAC, “Government Gone Wild,” financed it as

identified in black box at bottom of picture.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center the AFA (American Family Association), based in Tupelo, Mississippi, is a far-right anti-gay hate group.

FRC Action, which also has a PAC, promotes faith, family and religious freedom that lobbies congress for Life, heterosexual marriage, and religious liberty. It

targets transgender issues in schools.

Tea Party Patriots recruits poll workers and poll watchers "for election integrity from patriots.”

And "Reclaiming Florida for Christ" addresses the “growing threat of marxism" and “fighting Islamic Jihadists and advocating for victims of Islam as a political system rather than a religion.”

They encourage churches to actively participate in the electoral process and to “vote for their Judeo-Christian values."

One will see in the attachment above that the photo of the text to a “no party affiliation” voter in Spring Hill (Hernando County) was financed by the “Government Gone Wild PAC” pictured inside black box.

This PAC is owned and run by Moore’s opponent, Blaise Ingoglia, and we can only assume that it was mass text’d by blasé Blaise to thousands of registered voters in State Senate district 11.

Attached are several pictures of Moore wearing confederate teeshirt to demonstrate his stronger advocacy to preserve history not discredit it. Some of Moore’s more conservative stands

contrast to his “Republican” opponent's 360 degree flip to support big government and threats to citizens freedoms.


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