Fearing change, new ideas and mandates for country's health lead to threats/domestic terrorism!

by Brian P. Moore

November 4, 2021

Photo from AP News

Photo by Matt Masters, Williamson Co., appearing in the Tennessee Holler newspaper, October, 2021

Letter-to-the-editor from Brian Moore

Suncoast News/Hernando Today, Florida

Response to October 27, 2021 issue


Charles Salzmann’s letter on ”Merrick Garland overreach” was a disgusting expression of opinion that went beyond the norm of civility, decency and human respect.

The author’s phrases like “left-wing socialist commies,” “sexual garbage,” “crap being taught children” and labeling the U.S. Attorney General as “a disgrace” reflect more on Mr. Salzmann’s own character than on the people he is attempting to discredit.

The writer sounds like a bitter old man who fears change and differences of opinion on critical issues in our society.

Hernando Today says it will not print letters that contain slanderous statements, but Mr. Salzmann comes close by denigrating teachers, school boards, politicians and immigrants.

When attendees in public meetings make verbal and physical threats to public figures, or harass them at their home or place of employment, the United States Attorney General and the FBI have every right to investigate such individuals and actions. Those forms of dissent are acts of terrorism.

Our government has an obligation to safeguard our national security and to protect the common good, which includes the health and welfare of its citizens.

Furthermore, the denial of Mr. Garland’s nomination to the US Supreme Court by partisan bias was un-democratic and un-American.

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