FL. Dem. Gov. candidates criticized for trips to Puerto Rico. Moore calls for PR independence!




Sunday, March 27, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, Candidate for Governor of Florida, Green Party

Crist/Taddeo criticized for traveling to Puerto Rico while Florida citizens experience problems at home. Moore supports Puerto Rico’s call for Independence.

The Green Party candidate refers to his 3-month U.S. Peace Corps training in Puerto Rico, living with a poor farming family, and traveling the entire island prior to 3-yr service in South America.

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Brian Moore criticized Democratic gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist and Annette Taddeo for their planned trips to Puerto Rico, while neglecting all Florida citizens' mounting housing, healthcare and economic problems at home. Moore said it was an "obvious ploy to gain votes" from the one million Puertoricans living in Florida.

Moore also called for the United States Congress to "grant the the world's oldest colony," the Commonwealth Island of Puerto Rico, "its independence!” When the United States military invaded Puerto Rico in 1898, our government immediately removed Puerto Rico’s own Spanish-speaking parliament, censored-the-press, and assigned Americans to all leadership positions on the island.

The antiwar candidate, who has spoken out vehemently against the US sending an increasing number of arms to Ukraine, has also stated that the United States "has been complicit in forcing President Putin’s hand.” Moore contends there is an analogy of the US military invasion of Puerto Rico over a century ago, compared to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Moore blamed the build up of American nuclear arms in six countries in Europe and the encroaching NATO membership countries, for causing the Russians to become paranoid about the West’s "creeping threat to Russia's national security.” Moore added, while President Putin "is to be condemned for his invasion and massacre of innocent civilians" in Ukraine, the United States" also "has blood on its hands in creating this catastrophic condition and adding increasing dangers to the world.”

Moore has stated in his initial platform statement on www.twopartytyranny.org/Moore4gov, that President "Biden should demand that Ukraine and Russia mutually agree to an immediate truce," instead of Mr. Biden stoking the fires "by calling Putin names and accusing him of war crimes." Moore also stated in his gubernatorial platform that President Zalenskyy "should remove all the Neo-Nazi groups" that have infiltrated his entire federal and local governments, and "commit to banning any US weapons from being put in the hands of these paramilitary fascist groups" officially recognized by President Zalenskyy and his government.

Moore served in the United States Peace Corps for almost three years, in the countries of Panama and Peru. He trained prior to that assignment for three months in an American camp, while living the entire time with a poor Puertorican farmer and his wife and 13 children. Moore visited all areas of the island almost every weekend while there.

During the 7-day break prior to his departure from Miami, Moore hitchhiked to and from Washington, DC to participate with hundreds of thousands of mostly young Americans in protesting the Vietnam war, November 14-17, 1969.


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