Florida leaders embarrass our nation by their indifference and cruelty to human need.

The State of Florida unemployment payments, processing of claims and determining applicants eligibility is the worst in the nation. The Tampa Bay Times newspaper also found that petty and insignificant criteria were used to disqualify single mothers, handicapped and legitimately unemployed workers. It was Governor Scott's original policies and Governor DeSantis and the state legislature's failure to oversee such a cruel and heartless system; and the degree of human misery it imposed on Florida's citizens.

photo: Floridapolitics.com

photo: tampabay.com


Lawrence Mower's article on the state of Florida's aggressive approach to unemployment fraud is a disgrace and an offense against the most vulnerable people in our society.

Gov. Rick Scott, who set this inhumane and insensitive criteria in assessing out-of-work applicants demonstrates a cold and mean-spirited mindset of putting economic interests ahead of human need.

All of those single mothers, handicapped and unemployed people, before and during the pandemic, should now be awarded reparations tenfold for the state's utter failure for its heartless incompetence and fear to blow the whistle.

Where was the legislative oversight? Where was Governor DeSantis in these last two years as well?

Even the press, while exposing and reporting on an overwhelmed unemployment systemic breakdown the past two years, was not aware of the cruelty of what transpired until now.

The fact that the state cannot provide proper data, even today, on what actually occurred, demonstrates either a massive coverup or the failure of political leadership and societal indifference combined.

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