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Fraudulent candidacy of US Congressional-elect George Santos reflects America's corrupted democracy!

Legitimate candidates have no fair or easy access to America's rotting electoral system based on gerrymandered districts, ballot access obstacles and corporate/special interest money.

Local 2022 State Senate race reflects similar conditions

Photo from The Guardian

Wednesday, December 28, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, recent Florida state-senate 11 candidate

US Congressman-elect George Santos, a 34-year old first generation Brazilian-American, has been exposed for presenting to the public fraudulent academic and employment credentials and falsely claiming Jewish heritage with a holocaust family background. He has also reported making a personal loan to his 2022 Republican campaign totaling $705,000. In addition, he reported a personal income of over $11 million after reporting less than two years earlier an annual income of $55,000.

Lies and disinformation are now the acceptable norm in American politics. Ethical behavior and acting morally is no longer required in running for elective office in our country. Fitness, truth and honesty no longer have validity in our nation's electoral system.

My recent State Senate opponent, Blaise Ingoglia, also had no college credentials, or work documentation from his New York roots. His questionable financial and ethical methods of obtaining money in the Florida real estate and building industry, starting at age 26, has come under serious scrutiny by various Florida publications. Sound familiar?

Blase' Blaise even loaned himself half-a-million dollars in 2021 for an expected crowded Republican primary race. That abruptly ended in the Spring of 2022 after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis endorsed Ingoglia for a state senate 11 seat.

Ingoglia then took back his "half-a-million dollar personal loan" on June 28, 2022, two weeks after I qualified as the State of Florida ballot opponent representing the Green Party. No Democrat qualified for the race.

From then on, Ingoglia relied on a war chest of $181,670 from 186 private corporations and special interest group contributors. It included 165 donations of $1,000 each, and 42 of $500 each.

After my entry into the race on June 14, 2022, Mr. Ingoglia received just three small individual contributions from within the district for $150 total, out of 51 donations made that period. I had 17 small personal non-corporate contributions, ten came from individuals residing within the senate district, surpassing that of Ingoglia during that period.

Ingoglia did receive 20-30 smaller contributions from district residents, but all were made prior to September 30, 2021, over one year and one month prior to the 2022 general election, and when there were expectations of a Republican primary race.


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