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From big government critic to being a stooge for a tyrannical governor!

Blaise Ingoglia is the epitome of everything wrong in our political system. He gave special breaks benefitting the building, lending, and real estate industries, leading to building destruction in Florida.

A lack of financial and moral acumen is also documented in his business and personal finances.

November 2, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, State Senate 11 candidate

Republican Party State Senate 11 candidate Blaise Ingoglia has radically changed from a harsh conservative critic of big government, taxes and government regulations to promoting the power of a state government gone wild!

Compounding my opponent's radical change of ideology, has been his questionable moral and ethical behavior in business dealings in home building and land investment. This conduct can also be seen in his mysterious use of Republican finances as its state chair and not paying property taxes, suing business partners and gambling.

Blase' Blaise, in the last two years as a state representative, has become the go-to-guy for Governor Ron DeSantis tyrannical governing, promoting legislation for an expensive multi-million dollar personal 400-man army for the Governor's personal use, a $3.6 million election police force, and a $12 million fund to deport migrants to other states.

On top of the increased misuse of taxpayer monies, Ingoglia has also become the stooge for DeSantis' anti-woke laws that restrict the rights and freedoms of Florida's teachers, school boards, college professors, women, children, librarians, gays, minorities, small and large businesses and even corporations. Certain books are not allowed in schools and public libraries now, and peoples' livelihoods are also being threatened if they don't conform or "stay in line."

Ingoglia has even led the way in passing legislation for voters waiting in line at polls preventing them from receiving bottles of water or food while waiting in the Florida heat. Ingoglia has become the governor's cheerleader with laws that threaten, intimidate, and penalize individuals and businesses if they violate the new restrictions, disagree publicly with government policies or even if individuals hint at acting on their own.

Moore has called Ingoglia a coward by not showing up at even one political forum since qualifying on the ballot in June. And says that blase Blaise is hiding behind a hate group's posting of Moore as a "confirmed far-left candidate" by texting it to registered voters under Ingoglia's own political action committee.

Moore ends his statement proudly announcing that Nancy Argenziano, former state legislator of Citrus County and Public Utility Commission Chair, has endorsed Brian's candidacy for State Senate 11.


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