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Green Party candidate qualifies for Fl. State Senate 11 against governor's righthand man!

Brian Moore to take on a Republican right-wing millionaire endorsed by a conservative cabal of Florida's Senator Marco Rubio, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Green Party candidate Brian Moore has qualified for a State Senate 11 campaign race. No Democrats have qualified so it will be a two-candidate race. The area includes Hernando, Citrus and Sumter counties, plus part of Pasco.

Moore will face Governor DeSantis’ righthand man, Republican Blaise Ingoglia, a local state representative who was term-limited after eight years of pushing a right-wing agenda.

Ingoglia is a member of the ruling establishment, part of the corrupt elite of the Florida Republican Party. He is a member of the far-right group of conservative legislators who for too long have imposed

their financial self-interests and undemocratic politics and legislation at the expense of all Floridians. They have legislated and protected the wealthy, private corporations and interest groups at the expense of the majority of Floridian workers and families.

DeSantis, Ingoglia and their conservative gang have distracted the average Floridians from concern over their basic economic needs with fear tactics. They imposed and created a Republican grievance culture of revising laws to benefit their political party's agenda for power and protecting the wealthy class, while scaring people in the process.

Governor DeSantis and Blaise Ingoglia have promoted the "politics of fear.” It can be seen in their pitting parents vs. teachers, gays vs. children, sex education vs. abortion, guns vs. safety, masks vs. public health, voter fraud vs. voter rights, immigrants vs. racial purity, vaccines vs. freedom, and a new personal state army of 400 soldiers for the governor vs. the peoples’ right to assembly and free speech.

Apartment rents have increased, home mortgages are now inaccessible to most Floridians, thus compounding average Floridians inability to purchase a home, much less for present homeowners to continue their mortgage payments.

Ingoglia is part of the DeSantis cabal that has allowed 1.7 million homes to remain vacant, and growing, leading the nation in that category. And home insurance rates have sky-rocked while home protections have decreased. Plus, the recent inflation impacting rising prices of food, medicine, gas and housing in Florida are due to the Republican’s long-standing and continued emphasis on small government, de-regulation and protecting business interests. All of this has been done at the expense of jobs, salary levels and even the country’s supply chain.

Plus, de-regulation and right-to-work states have caused the trucking industry to lose dependable and efficient long-term transportation companies. This has caused the loss of safe, competent and dependable drivers negatively impacting the supply chain and availability of goods and services for all citizens.

Moore describes himself as a socialist, and says it will work in his favor in this race. He advocates for a more egalitarian and responsive government, which would be more prepared for pandemics, avoid supply chain upheavals, avoid inflation, create jobs, increase salary levels and improve the quality of life for all Floridans. His brand of politics will benefit all residents of District 11, old and young, male and female, all colors, races and ages. It is time to end the American economy for the privileged and the few and the wealthy.

Brian Moore is declaring war on Blaise Ingoglia as an irresponsible, short-sighted, loudmouth New Yorker who has put party and personal power ahead of peoples rights, welfare and quality of living.

Moore blames Ingoglia for his close association and endorsement from the triumvirate as an indictment and not as a blessing. ---END---

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