Green Party refuses to endorse over difference of opinion!

Candidate will not compromise position on "superficial cultural issues!" "I thought they stood for left causes, not superficial culture." ( Brian Moore)

Friday, May 27, 2022

By Brian Patrick Moore, Candidate for Governor of Florida

Green Party

Campaign website:


Spring Hill, Florida: The Green Party of Florida (GPFL) will not endorse Brian Moore, a Green Party member,

who is a declared candidate for Governor of Florida. They have based their Party’s decision on Moore's

unwillingness to compromise on cultural issues which he contends they have no right to dictate his positions as a candidate.

Moore is advocating a business tax be imposed on the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s

$2.4 billion annual income since it is the only private Florida corporation which does

not pay an annual 5.5% business tax on its earnings. Moore contends that the Greens

ignore the fact that the Seminoles own seven Hard Rock casinos, 2 casino-hotels, and

124 restaurants. Moore states “They aren’t a group struggling to make ends meet,

they are a multi-billion dollar corporation exploiting a tax loophole."

Moore’s position on “reparations” is "for all people who have suffered

bias and discrimination in the history of the country and not

just for the Afro-American population.” His reparation list include Braceros,

Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Italians, Irish, Latin's, Asians,

Eastern Europeans, Catholics and Muslim. And will not add American Indians as well.

The GPFL contends that the candidate's position is “racist" by "using multiple

groups as a cover for 'a more legitimate group'.” Moore’s reaction is that

"This is the very woke culture that I am opposing in my platform. It is political

correctness out of control.” “It is they who are the racists,” Moore argues.

In the GPFL eyes Moore has compounded his “racist problem" by questioning the

outcome of the Derek Chauvin-George Floyd trial now under court appeal.

Chauvin's defense attorneys have filed formal papers declaring grounds for

a mistrial. Moore defends his position stating "I thought in America all defendants

In a criminal case are considered innocent until proven guilty.”

Moore contends that the GPFL "is more concerned about his superficial

cultural/woke proposals than his comprehensive and strong leftist economic and social platform."

In order for gubernatorial candidates to qualify for the November 8th Florida ballot, he must pay a fee of $8,051 by the noon deadline of June 17th. Moore said he had hoped to receive the state party’s endorsement and “some type of a partial contribution,” but says he is "now on his own."

Since Florida law does not allow candidates to switch parties in an election year,

Moore contends “I am saddled with a Green Party voter registration, whether they like

it or not." And he is left on his own attempting to raise funds to qualify on the ballot.

The candidate further added, “the state party has no right to dictate my position on

every issue."

Moore is "appealing to all Floridians and Americans of good will," if they are sympathetic to his platform or "even just to his plight," to help him gain ballot access by donating to his campaign by June 16th:

Brian's website:, or blog, Or mail to: Moore for Gov., PO Box 6843, Spring Hill, Fl. 34611. Moore says he plans to run for Co-Chair of the Green Party of Florida after the election.


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