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Having Rambo teach classes puts our students at risk!

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August 24, 2022

by Brian Patrick Moore, candidate for Florida State Senate 11

Moore responds to Florida Politics article of August 16, 2022, "Hernando Schools slammed for silence...on sexual battery issue" by reporter Jacob Ogles.

Article indicates critical mailer of Hernando County school board members/candidates put out by "Government Gone Wild PAC" affiliated with my opponent, Blaise Ingoglia:

While my opponent sends out mailers warning voters the Hernando County School Board has failed to protect children, Blasé Blaise Ingoglia supports allowing untrained teachers to have access to our children.

While Blasé Blaise is on the war path, lampooning a school board, he is silent on DeSantis allowing untrained military veterans and former police officers, with no background in education, to teach our children. I'm concerned about our children's safety and future.

As a certified Florida teacher, with experience as a substitute teacher, I can tell you that it's wrong to dump untrained professionals into a teaching environment and hope for a good result.

At best, our students will be totally unprepared for the real world and lack basic knowledge.

In a worse case scenario, our students are at risk of serious bodily harm. Veterans and cops know how to use force, force that should never be applied in a school environment.

The solution to our teaching shortage is to make teaching an attractive profession to college students, with good pay and benefits.

The answer is not putting our students at risk by having Rambo teach a class.

Blasé Blaise, and Governor DeSantis, are both wrong on this issue!



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