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illegal Cuban immigrants should be sent out of Florida!

Photo by 10 Cuban migrants in rickety boat

Photo by New York Cuban migrants on way to Florida intercepted by U.S. Coast Guard

by Brian Patrick Moore, August 28, 2022

Florida State Senate 11 candidate Brian Moore responds to article published in Tampa Bay Times, Buzz, August 22, 2022, by Bianca Padro Ocasio, political reporter for the Miami Herald:

While vehemently disagreeing with Governor DeSantis’ policy of deporting all incoming illegal immigrants to other states, State Senate candidate Brian Moore roundly applauded Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez’s recent statement of August 20th that all newly arriving Cuban immigrants would be sent out of Florida to the state of Delaware. “Finally,” Moore thought, "Florida was going to treat all immigrants, including their 'privileged Cubans,' on an equal basis."

However, now that the DeSantis administration has walked back Ms. Nunez’ statement, "we are once again where we started," bemoaned the west-central Florida candidate.

Moore has previously contended that for too long Cuban immigrants have been given special privileges and VIP treatment, different than from all other immigrants, both by the federal government (i.e. U.S. Congress) and the state of Florida.

It is no wonder that the Republican Party has reaped benefits politically from the perennially approved 60-year plus policy to provide all Cuban immigrants with free housing, compensation, jobs and immediate green cards.

Moore’s opponent in the state senate race, Blasé Blaise Ingoglia, wants us to worry about illegal immigrants in Texas (

"but he hasn't done a single thing about the over one-hundred thousand (100,000) Cubans illegally entering our country in the last 12 months!,” says Moore.

Ingoglia has one set of rules for Cubans, and another for the rest of Latin America. Moore contends we need to change that policy now!

The Cuban migrants abuse our welfare system. They abuse our state and our country. We need to deport all of these new Cuban immigrants out of Florida. Send them to Delaware! Send them to West Virginia! Send them to Maine!

Just get them out of Florida!

We need a consistent policy on illegal migrants, whether they are coming from Mexico or from Cuba. There is no difference between Illegal immigrants arriving from a Communist country (China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba) and illegal immigrants from other countries!

Ingoglia and other state leaders have shown their inconsistency by making a special exception for Cubans. People like Blasé Blaise, bully DeSantis and bleeding heart Charlie Crist need to "stop making excuses for why Cubans are a special people."

They enter the country illegally and if the federal and state governments are going to treat immigrants in such a shameful way, then the Cuban immigrants should also be treated as such.

If the Cuban-American community doesn’t like it, as they have continually acted unAmerican in many other ways, then they should form their own country!

Thus, get all new illegal immigrants out of Florida!

We have a law. Enforce the law!


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