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Ingoglia: "Dems use immigration to gain votes;" but his party supports Cuban voters for 60 years!

Photo by photographer Novi, of Cuban American parade in Union, New Jersey

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This "government gone wild" critic, Blaise Ingoglia, also wants to increase more government immigration laws and red tape, not less!

Saturday, June 25, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, candidate for Florida State Senate, District 11

(Citrus, Sumter, Hernando counties; and small part of W. Pasco county)

I recently read the above link regarding former Florida legislator Blaise Ingoglia’s stand on immigration. He accuses Democrats of not wanting to solve immigration problems because they and their children end up becoming Democratic voters. Blaise wants to scare people into believing a dastardly plan right out of a novel or movie. He says the Democrats are exploiting and benefitting from illegal immigrants from crossing the Border.

Well let’s use Blaise’s logic. The Republican Party has benefitted from Cubans entering Florida for the last sixty years, and they have not had to go through the proper legal process either. In fact, they were provided exclusive privileges that no other immigrants have been given. Perhaps Blaise wants to end this invasion by the Cubans, too!

I’m not saying we should deport the Cubans in Florida. On the contrary, I think we should show every immigrant that crosses our borders the same compassion and be given the same rights that the U.S. Congress has shown Cuban refugees. All immigrants, whether they be from Haiti, Guatemala, Venezuela, Africa or the Middle East, are trying to start a new life of freedom, safety and hope, just as the Cubans were so exclusively provided. We should welcome all immigrants in the same generous American way.

I wondered, why is there so much hate in Blaise Ingoglia? And this purveyor of “Government Gone Wild,” now wants more Government rules to make an already difficult process become even harder for people to legally enter the country?

Why does Blaise want more Government, not less, that has failed? Why waste more taxpayer dollars enforcing more rules that don’t work? More importantly, why is a candidate for a Florida STATE SENATE office discussing an issue that doesn’t come under the Florida legislature’s responsibility?

Immigration falls under the U.S. Congress purview. Blaise is just another big government politician who wants to prepare for higher office.

Well, here is my two cents on this issue. In my humble opinion, our current immigration system is an embarrassment. People who would like to follow the legal rules are unable to do so because these procedures are so complex, expensive, lengthy and dangerous. If Americans want immigrants to enter the country legally, we need to make the process fairer, reasonable, and accessible. We have allowed government to complicate the process. Immigrating to the United States needs to be streamlined and simplified so people can easily enter the country legally, instead of being forced to come in illegally.

That would be a bit above the pay-grade of a Florida State Senator to fix, but it is just my honest opinion.

In addition, Blaise also adds a fear-mongering statement that if the other party was in power we would have a 70% tax rate! The last time America had such a big increase was under Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower, and we had a strong economy with good paying jobs then!

Maybe Blaise needs to pick up a history book, an economic text book, and especially the bible. He needs to brush up on a few things, especially on how to be a compassionate human-being.


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