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Ingoglia misleads. Totalitarian state gov. meddles in local matters. Vote Brian Moore state senate!

Sumter, Citrus, Hernando & Pasco counties do not need this huckster to impose authoritarian ways on its citizens!

Postcard sent Hernando Co. voters misleading info. on principal's removal of teacher re. his previous conduct in Miami. Paid by State Senate candidate Blaise Ingoglia's Political Action Committee, "Government Gone Wild." demonstrates how state gov.'t is trying to control local candidates and local issues.

Saturday, November 5, 2022 by Brian Patrick Moore, State Senate 11 candidate

My authoritarian state senate opponent, Blaise Ingoglia, mailed postcards to voters denigrating school board members in effort for state gov.'t to meddle in local issues. We do not need totalitarian actions to mislead voters with untruths. This is second time in the primary elections, and now general elections, for this term-limited state representative to attempt to impose his and Gov. DeSantis' agenda in local matters. These decisions should be left to its citizens, school board members and parents, and not to a totalitarian and authoritarian state government! Vote Brian Patrick Moore for State Senate 11!

This individual, blase' Blaise Ingoglia, is an embarrassment to our community. He is a lackey and water boy for a partisan agenda that has no right to impose their will on our local community and on our freedoms to decide on matters ourselves!

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