Justice should be blind...and not judge prematurely. The Chauvin conviction violated that right.

by Brian Patrick Moore

Sunday, July 11, 2021

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The following is a letter Brian sent tonight to the Tampa Bay Times in response to the Times' "June letter of the month" to their own editorial "The Shared promise of Juneteenth" written earlier. The winner's letter was republished today, Sunday, July 11, 2021.


I grew up in California in the 1940's and 50's and my American story was that we were taught about discrimination and lack of civil rights for American Blacks.

We played baseball on the same teams, swam together in public pools, ate together in the same restaurants, had black and Hispanic friends and stood up for them in public demonstrations.

Claiming that George Floyd died under a cop's knee is not courageous, fair or accurate. The writer’s judgmental opinion is not based on evidence, but on opinion and prejudice.

Officer Chauvin was denied his due process; his conviction was biased by premature partial videos, posted worldwide, 10 months prior to Chauvin's own opportunity to defend himself.

The actions by trial Judge Cahill for not relocating the trial or sequestering the jury, the Minneapolis mayor's same day firing of the four accused officers, and a $27 million Floyd family settlement the week of the trial, all prejudiced the outcome.

President Biden's pretrial premature prejudicial statements and actions of inviting the Floyd family to the Whitehouse and attending Mr. Floyd's funeral were violations of Mr. Chauvin’s rights as well.

We too were taught to not prejudge, and to stand up for all peoples' rights, despite the court of public opinion.

Otherwise we become a lynch mob like the Jim Crow America of the past.

[Footnote: The "June letter writer of the month" winner, Ms. Fern Williams, probably is the same person who Brian publicly demonstrated with in opposition to the Iraq War, and for other social justice causes in or around their neighboring counties of

Pasco and Hernando Counties, Florida]

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