Miami's Police Chief praised for courage/high moral code in taking on city's corrupt Cuban leaders!

by Brian Patrick Moore

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Photo by of Miami's embattled Police Chief, Art Acevedo

“Police Chief in Miami Likens City Officials to Cuban Dictators,” Tues., Sept. 28, 2021, The New York Times, by Patricia Mazzei.:

"Miami Will Fire Police Chief Who Likened Leaders to Cuban Dictators," Oct. 11. 2021, The New York Times, by Patricia Mazzei.

Brian's unpublished (and slightly edited) letter-to-the-editor of the NY Times, of October 4, 2021, follows:

Miami’s Cuban-American city commissioners are finally exposed for what they are---

A Cuban mafia, corrupted and guilty of the same authoritarian governing that they have accused the Cuban government of for the past 60 years!

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo is to be commended for his personal courage and high moral code, in challenging and exposing the dark side of his fellow Cuban-Americans in Miami City’s politics and of the city’s dictatorial culture as well.

It is the Cuban-American children and grandchildren, as well as the first Cuban refugees, both island and American born, who have remained silent about the years of authoritarian actions in Miami, by both its political leaders and its own citizens. They have denied basic right to speak freedoms to musically perform to other American entertainers (i.e. singers Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet) and blocked other Latin entertainers’ in Miami (i.e. Juanes, Miguel Bose, Olga Tamor) only because of their political support of Cuba's government and leaders.

Even their blocking of 7-year old refugee Elian Gonzalez to be rightfully returned to his natural Cuban father after his mother’s drowning when fleeing Cuba smacked of denying a child's human rights.

Worse yet, the Cuban-American community’s long silence in harboring Cuban-born terrorist, and CIA operative, Luis Posada Carriles, who led the bombing of a Cuban Airlines, killing 73 people of which 57 were Cubans, remains a stain on their identity and legacy as terrorists themselves. They supported and conducted the very actions for what they accused the Castro brothers in Cuba.

And finally, one has to also ask the question has the U.S. Congress’ long imposition of privileged refugee status, with exclusive economic benefits, only to Cubans, created Miami’s own moral blindness to acting in such un-democratic and un-American ways?

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