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Moore refutes opponent Ingoglia's self-centered bravado, point-by-point!

In comparison, Brian, protects southern heritage, tax's Seminoles and defies his political party, demonstrating a strong independence!

Campaign Postcard from Blaise Ingoglia arrived in the mail November 4, 2022

Monday, November 7, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, State Senate 11 candidate.

In a two-sided multi-colored postcard Brian's opponent, blase' Blaise Ingoglia, claims:

he is principled, but flipped from criticizing to supporting big government;

he is persuasive, but Fl. Senate President blocked his school superintendent elections bill;

he is unafraid, but is the water boy for Governor DeSantis.

Brian, in turn, protects Southern Heritage, tax's Seminoles and defies his political party with strong independent stands."


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