No left-leaning minor party has been on the ballot for Governor of Florida since 1920--Now there is!

Brian Patrick Moore, Green Party Florida gubernatorial candidate, pictured demonstrating with other protesters against the U.S. Embargo of Cuba in 2021, at the intersection of State Road 50 and U.S. Highway 19 in Spring Hill, Florida. Photo taken by protester Joe Murphy, U.S. army veteran who fought for America in Germany in WWII.

Posted in Ballot Access News, on March 16, 2022 by Richard Winger

On March 16, Brian P. Moore filed in the Green Party primary to run for Governor of Florida. His Lieutenant Governor running mate is Jennifer Sullivan.

The Green Party has been ballot-qualified in Florida for 22 years, but never before has it had any statewide nominees (except president). This is largely because the filing fees are so high. The gubernatorial filing fee for a party member is $8,050.86.

Moore was the Socialist Party presidential nominee in 2008.

No left-leaning minor party has been on the ballot for Governor of Florida since 1920, when the Socialist Party ran F. C. Whitaker. He received 2.13% of the vote. The Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Peace & Freedom Party, and the Justice Party, have been on the Florida ballot in the past or currently, but none of them has ever run for Governor of Florida.

The deadline to qualify is 12 noon, on June 17, exactly three months from today. End of article.


News Release, Spring Hill, March 20, 2022; by Green Party candidate for Governor of Florida, Brian Patrick Moore:

For the first time in 102 years, the state of Florida has a Socialist candidate running for Governor. Now it is time to offer Floridians a better choice than an increasing Fascist incumbent Republican Governor and a do-nothing former Republican governor (Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist).

Floridians now have a clear and different choice; a genuine Socialist, versus a cancel-woke-culture candidate and a Republican-lite candidate.

We need a Governor who will act in a pro-active manner, offering positive and constructive programs. This Governor will make certain that no child goes hungry in Florida, that the homeless will not be neglected in Florida and that this Governor will extend health care to all Floridians living in the state.

We need a Governor who will help the average working person, and his or her family; and who will not enrich the elite and the wealthy! I hope to be that Governor. I want to give the people of Florida a better choice.


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