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Opponent Ingoglia mass-texts hate group's critical post of Brian as "Far-Left"

Picture of hate group's posting, then forwarded via mass texts by the PAC "Government Gone Wild," owned by state senate opponent Blaise Ingoglia to registered voters.

Saturday, November 5,2022, By Brian Patrick Moore, candidate for FL. State Senate 11

“No-Show” Republican candidate Blaise Ingoglia initiated mass-tweets this week behind the clock of a hate group's web posting critical of candidate Brian Moore as "Confirmed Far-Left" candidate.

Text below was copied and pasted from original text arriving on Brian’s and many other peoples' I-phones.

We are assuming the following text narrative went out to thousands of registered voters in Fl. State Senate 11 area in a last ditch effort to counter Brian’s gains as a candidate:

"According to State Senate candidate Brian Moore has been confirmed as a "far left" candidate whose views are extreme.

⡑ Previously ran as a Socialist Party nominee.

⡑ The Green Party rejected his candidacy for State Senate.

⡑ Wants to raise YOUR taxes.

⡑ Wants to give free "guaranteed income" to Floridians who don't work.

This message is intended for the {last name} household and sent by David, a volunteer with Government Gone Wild PAC."



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