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OPPONENT MIA IGNORES VOTERS---press absence/neglect/ blackout/ Moore calls for state news agency!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022, by Brian Patrick Moore, Fl. State Senate 11 Candidate

News release, Ridge Manor Forum, Hernando County

Self photo at Ridge Manor Forum, Oct. 3, 2022

Photo taken by Kelly Dodson at Ridge Manor Forum, Oct. 3, 2022

A Ridge Manor Homeowners Association (RMHA) sponsored a "2022 General Election Candidate’s Night” forum held Monday night, October 3, 2022, at its Community Center in Hernando County.

The event was transcribed via live streaming on its' “News Around Ridge Manor” Facebook page, indicated Lynn L. Gruber-White, President of the RMHA.

Candidates for six contested races (2 school board, 1 state representative, 1 State Senate and 1 U.S. Congress race) were invited. Moore's opponent did not appear.

Moore stated in his address to the audience that blasé Blaise Ingoglia has been "missing in action" for four months and “has been ignoring the people of Senate District 11” all along when it came to political forums, candidates nights, civic association events, chamber of commerce candidate picnics, etc.

Moore blamed fake news, stating “there is a total blackout by the press and media in informing the general public about local candidates in local races.” Only one weekly,, also called Hernando Today, had two stories on Moore in previous months. The other Hernando County weekly, The Hernando Sun, while conducting a news suppression of Moore as a state senate candidate, has reported on his opponent’s candidacy, Ingoglia, even displaying a picture of him at a primary election night celebration (while not in the primaries himself).

Moore contends that the only solution to the press neglect is to establish a state-run news agencies for the general public. And that elections should be publicly financed and out of the hands of private money contributors.

Moore further explained his justification for a state news network. The Hernando Sun "is a propaganda tool" for the Republican Party. The local Maglio family-ow

ned newspaper has "become a mouthpiece for Governor DeSantis" and is "full of fake news and misleading stories.” The rightwing arch-conservative newspaper has even been "promoting a parent group that is undermining the credibility of the Hernando County School Board and the teachers across the county."

Like the Governor and the conservative Florida legislature, including my opponent blasé Blaise, they have been "meddling in local matters" by threatening the teachers’ freedom of speech, accusing the teachers, and school and public libraries, of guiding children toward homosexuality or grooming a transgender mindset among very young students. And the same is true with regard to the newspaper's fear of the racial history topic in schools and its misleading exaggeration and untruthfulness of the Critical Race Theory being taught in the public school systems.

During Moore’s presentation he blamed the Florida legislature for 20 years of benefiting the rich. He called for the need of more affordable housing including removing regulation from mobile home parks to build "tiny homes," especially for the homeless. He also spoke of the need to address home foreclosures and evictions. Moore also said we need to "remove taxes that hurt the working people." He said “We need to focus taxes on luxury goods, not tax basic needs. And he addressed the cost of foods, gas and medicine.

Candidate Moore also said he will speak up and fight to preserve southern heritage, its history; and not erase it because of people’s complaints.


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