Plea to reconsider anti-fascist group's support of America's complicity and in worsening Ukraine War

Tuesday, March 15, 2022, Spring Hill, Florida: Brian Moore challenges anti-fascist group in America for failing to recognize Neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine on present and past Ukraine presidents and administrations.

American Anti-fascist group's Board of Governors (Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives-ALBA) turns blind eye to US and NATO infusion of sophisticated weapons to Ukraine in war with Russia. ALBA has violated its own legacy of 1936 Volunteers who fought fascism in Spanish Civil War. They stood up against Neo-Nazi effort to overthrow a democratically elected government, despite challenging popular opinion.

Photo: The Guardian.webp. Picture of Lincoln Volunteers from America volunteering to fight fascism n Spanish Civil War.

Spanish Civil War, American volunteers in Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Photo:

To: ALBA Board of Governors:

Would appreciate your reconsideration of the February 24, 2022 “Statement on Invasion of Ukraine,” published on-line in reference to Russian President Putin’s “perverting the concept of anti-fascism and his violation of human rights."

While Russia is despotic in its institutions and leadership, this does not excuse the United State’s intervention and support of a country with a long history of ethnic cleansing of Jews, Poles and ethnic minorities during WW II & I; nor of its authoritarian history. Plus, Ukraine’s four successive governments, since 2014, only came to power after the overthrow of a democratically elected government, and with the help of far-right fascist groups.

A well-established rightwing extremist movement in the form of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups caused the Ukrainian government overthrow in 2014. And it continues today.

Many reputable US publications and media reported that the US Congress publicly funded clandestine right wing, neo-Nazi and ultranationalists groups, with over $5 billion dollars since the late 1990’s (US Undersecretary of State, V. Nuland, 2013). The American support helped undermine the democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych (2010-2014), because he was pro-Russian and did not push for membership in NATO. Furthermore, our own CIA was covertly involved with right-wing paramilitary extremists in undermining President Yanukovych. And the financial and military support continues up to the present day.

The American public and clandestine intervention, for the past 25 years, makes our country complicit in setting the stage for the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The Ukraine government, to this day, officially tolerates these militia groups to monitor the Ukrainian streets and neighborhoods throughout the country. These fascist militias (Patriot of Ukraine, Svoboda, Right Sector & Azov Battalion) have infiltrated the Ukraine National Guard, the Ukraine Army itself, and almost every Ukraine governmental department and agency. Ukraine is now emerging as a favored right wing destination for European nations and American extremist groups.

It is now being reported that an international brigade of 20,000 soldiers, are present in Ukraine, similar to what was done in 1936 in the Spanish Civil War. However, the Spanish War’s international Volunteers traveled to support a democratic country, and primarily a government that was put in power by fair and democratic elections, not by a fascist civilian coup.

Ironically, last year’s ALBA/Puffin Human Rights Award recipient was credited with medically addressing the underserved gay and lesbian communities. And this year’s announced winner is an organization that de-programs right wing extremists and neo-Nazis. Yet, Ukraine’s right wing groups, in the February, 2014 overthrow of the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, were guilty of violently attacking the LBGT communities, its demonstrators, and even stabbing them with knives, almost causing the death of one of its gay members.

The emphasis by ALBA Board's statement should have been in encouraging US/NATO diplomacy with Russia. It should have been done in light of the United States refusal to previously consider requests by Russian President Putin on Ukraine’s non-membership in NATO, and to pull back NATO armaments on Russia’s border. Had the US acknowledged and agreed to the potential threat Russia feels, and for its acquisition of Crimea and the Eastern front, they could have totally avoided any Russian invasion of Ukraine in the first place.

Now the situation is more precarious, with any small event causing a US war with Russia, or initiate a catastrophic use of nuclear weapons. A diplomatic agreement was the responsible action for the United States and NATO to have taken. And ALBA should have acknowledged that in its statement as well.

The ALBA Board’s position contradicts the legacy of the Abraham Lincoln Volunteers, what they represent, and what they stood and died for. It was a call to protect democracy, to fight fascism, and to demonstrate principled courage despite public opinion.

The Board's statement is a safe position, criticizing an invading country and making no fair reference to Russia’s legitimate threats to its national security. Nor did the Board acknowledge America’s long-term role, and Ukraine’s extensive anti-democratic and pro-fascist background.

The ALBA Board’s reconsideration in this matter should be taken.

Brian P. Moore

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