Private sector fails to protect nation! More federal gov.'t intervention/larger role needed!

by Brian Patrick Moore

June 5, 2021


The federal government needs to integrate and play a larger role in the nation's health care system, oil and gas distribution, food supply and public utilities, in order to better protect the nation's safety and national security. Even an independent government-run news network is needed to offset media bias.

Exclusive United States government project successfully constructed the Panama Canal from 1904 to 1914, with no private sector involvement. Nov. 10, 1912 Photo by

Drawing provided by of Teddy Roosevelt leading the American Roughriders to construct the Panama Canal in 1904. This was a successful public sector enterprise, exclusively run by the United States federal government, providing workers' jobs, a full health system and hospitals, schools, housing, food commissaries, recreation and more. There was no private sector financing or management involved.

The failures of the private sector in safeguarding America's well being and national security have been glaringly exposed in the last several years.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 illustrated how unprepared America's private health sector was with inadequate medical supplies, ventilators, masks and vaccines. The city of Houston winter freeze power shutdown of February 2021, demonstrated the private power utilities' vulnerabilities. Cyber attacks on a water plant in Florida in February, 2021, on the Colonial pipeline in April, 2021, shutting down access to oil and gas for 45% of the east coast population and on food distributors in May, 2021, have highlighted the weaknesses of depending on the private sector to protect the nation in many of the basic necessities of life.

The digitalization of America's infrastructure is also magnifying the country's vulnerabilities.

These are lessons not lost on our foreign enemies either, as well as on our allies. The private sector, under a capitalist economy, shows that the most important motivator for corporate America is not America's safety, but the profit motive, cutting costs and reducing strategic supplies to reward their investors. And the country's safety be damned!

Taking this a step further, even the national media and press are endangering the nation and its democracy by sensationalizing of events involving police-minority violence. The left and right media are acting as judge, jury and executioner at the expense of due process and individual rights. The polarization of the two major parties in the U.S. Congress is also threatening the nation's democracy.

Thus, there is a larger role to play for the U.S. federal government if the nation is to safeguard its democracy, general welfare and national security. Congress needs to either require the private sector companies to meet heightened standards of production, supply, distribution and protection, or to allow the US government to integrate a tighter control of companies to protect the nation.

Furthermore, an independent government-run news network is needed to counter the fourth estate's sensationalism, polarization and outright bias. All sides of issues need to be presented in a fairer, more factual and unbiased manner. The private press and media has failed to achieve such objectivity and fairness, thereby polarizing the nation. - 509510044



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