Brian was born and raised in Oakland, California, one of seven children in an Irish Catholic family. All four of his grandparents emigrated from Ireland to the San Francisco-Bay area of California.

Brian earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Arizona State University and a Bachelors Degree from Mission San Luis Rey College, California, a Franciscan Order serving low-income urban areas of California, Oregon and Arizona; and several American Indian reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.

During the summers of his high school and college Brian worked in blue-collar jobs for a sheet metal factory for three years, in Sacramento. Plus, he worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP-RR) in Sacramento during the Christmas holidays loading and unloading mail from boxcars. He also was a carpenter apprentice and cleaned fruit cars for the SP-RR during two summers while in college in Los Angeles.

Brian served in the U.S. Peace Corps as a Volunteer for three years in South and Central America, serving indigenous populations in the low-income urban areas of the Republic of Panama; and in the economically deprived slums of Lima, Peru. He trained in the Puerto Rican mountains for 3 months prior to his service.

His professional background includes over 25 years domestically in the Health Maintenance Organization/Managed Care industry. He worked in the private sector entirely, as a marketing and executive director, project administrator and consultant.

He worked an additional five years throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and briefly in Tanzania, Africa, establishing and implementing de-worming and public health programs with indigenous and native populations. He speaks Spanish fluently, and basic Brazilian Portuguese.

He has also been an individual health care recruiter. He is certified as a Social Science middle and high school teacher for the state of Florida, concentrating in World and U.S. History. He has worked as a substitute teacher from 2017 to 2019.

Brian has also been a civic/social justice and antiwar activist (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) and is calling for diplomacy from both Russia and Ukraine; and for the United States to not send more US weapons to Ukraine endangering a possible WWIII.

Politically he has been elected multiple times as a civic association president and an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Washington, DC. He was also elected as a Delegate to the Constitutional Convention for DC Statehood.

He has also been an Independent political candidate for city council and mayor in Washington, DC. confronting the corruption and silence of the Democratic Party in turning a blind eye to the infamous mayor for life, Marion S. Barry.

Brian moved to Florida in 2000 and has also been a candidate for County Commissioner, U.S. Congress, US Senate and Governor, all in the sunshine state, from 2002 through 2014. Ralph Nader endorsed his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Brian was the official Socialist Party USA presidential candidate in 2008 and qualified on nine state ballots. In 2010, Brian received over 201,000 votes (23.3%) in the Democratic primary for Florida Governor against Democrat Alex Sink.

Moore has been a third party activist and volunteer for the Citizens Party, Reform Party, Peace & Freedom Party, Alliance Party and Green Party.

Brian was student body president of his high school and lettered in all three sports in high school (football, basketball and baseball). He played college baseball (1 yr.) and was the leading hitter and selected as the most valuable player. He has played semi-pro and sandlot baseball all his adult life, until 2019. He is retired. For recreation he swims, rides a bike, and works in the garden.

Brian was married for the first time to a widow, 18 years ago, in Florida. His wife has two adult daughters, and three grandchildren. Brian has no biological children of his own. However, he has a 30-year-old godson in Virginia, a public health consultant, who he assumed as a father figure after he was abandoned at age 3 months. Plus, upon marrying in Florida, Brian adopted his grandson at age 7, as his son, who is now a 25 year old deputy sheriff serving in Florida.

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