Protesting USA's weapons in Ukraine; diplomacy in/NATO out/remove US nuclear arms in Europe!

News release: Effective Immediately, Monday, March 7, 2022

Contact: Brian Moore, at 352-585-2907

Inverness, Florida, March 7, 2022: Five antiwar demonstrators appeared in Inverness, Florida (Citrus County) last Saturday morning, March 5th, to protest the Ukraine-Russia conflict. They called for Diplomacy over War, and urged the United States to stop sending lethal weapons to Ukraine as gestures of support. They urged peaceful negotiations; stop NATO everywhere, and re-

move US nuclear arms stored in 5 countries in Europe.

Brian Moore said that the US actions are "provocative, reckless and dangerous," which could "lead to a war all over Europe, or even turn to a nuclear holocaust globally.”

The demonstrators estimated that between 500 and 1,000 cars and trucks passed by the 90-minute demonstration, on both sides of a four-lane highway intersection (State Road 44) in the heart of Inverness, Fla (11AM-12:45 PM).

They were pleasantly surprised with ratio of 2-1 or 3-1 of those who verbally or physically responded, the majority were supportive and agreed with the demonstrators messages; with 4-5 angry responses, comments and hand-gestures also.

Moore recollected that when they demonstrated against the Iraq War from 2002 through 2010, at the same location, as well as in nearby Pasco and Hernando counties, they and other demonstrators experienced the same familiar hostility and police surveillance, and expressions of “being unpatriotic,” until the real facts came out vindicating their efforts. He feels the "same will happen today" with regard to Ukraine and Russia, except that the consequences are "much more catastrophic to think of.”

All 6 pictures of demonstration are in following link:

Pic #1 – (above) Demonstrator Brian Moore (Spring Hill) NatureCoast Coalition coordinator, exhibits 2 signs: “Remove US Nuclear Arms from Europe,” and “Stop US arms to Ukraine.”

Pic # 4 – (to the right) Jennifer Sullivan (Spring Hill) of the Green Party of Hernando County, holding sign: “Real Peace? Withdraw from NATO!” and Harriet Heywood with her sign: “Diplomacy, Not War with Russia.”

Pic #2 – Harriet Heywood (Homosassa), Co-Coordinator, Trade Justice Alliance, displays several of her artistic signs: “No War with Russia over Ukraine,” and “Diplomacy, Not War with Russia.” In the background is demonstrator, John Ivens (Crystal River), member of “Veterans for Peace,” retired US Air Force Co-pilot in Vietnam War.

Pic #3 – Two protestors, John Ivens, and another demonstrator (anonymous), face ongoing traffic of hundreds and hundreds of passing cars for almost two hours Saturday morning.

Pic #5 - Anonymous demonstrator (Inverness) holds two signs: “NATO OUT Everywhere,” and “No War on Ukraine!”

Pic #6 – Citrus County Sheriff’s car patrolling demonstration. One of three sheriff cars that passed by during 90-minute demonstration, in front of Old Citrus County Courthouse, erected in 1912 (110 years ago), U.S. National Register/Historic place

[Note: in lower rt. corner of courthouse building is cardboard cut out of Elvis Presley, who filmed movie there in the 1960’s!]


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