Fla. Senate to limit mail-in voting due to corrupt 2020 vote? Then repeal Fla. electoral vote!

Many mail-in ballots in Florida were used in response to the pandemic and to prevent going to crowded polls with lines of people.

Brian writes letter-to-the-editor, Tampa BayTimes, Wednesday, February 17, 2021, "Many republicans push limits on vote by mail," by Mary Ellen Klas:

I can only surmise there must have been extensive voter fraud in Florida’s 2020 presidential election results as the reason for the state Senate committee on elections to propose more restrictions on mail-in voting.

If that is the case, can we negate the 2020 presidential electoral vote for Florida at this late date?

If the Republican-majority legislature now wants to restrict mail-in voters by re-registering each year, showing photo ID’s, only one ballot per voter at drop-off locations, etc. then the Florida Legislature must have inside information on a stolen, rigged, corrupt 2020 Florida presidential election vote!

I can’t imagine the fraud that must have gone on in Florida! What a hoax!

Please, the Florida legislature needs to nullify its recent electoral vote based on what appears to be its' new evidence of a fraudulent election.

What other reason could there be why they want to suppress the vote and disenfranchise more voters?

Photo from upsplash.com/@tiffanytertipes

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