The sport of baseball reflects the best of a truly diversified culture!

by Brian Patrick Moore

August 11, 2021

Professional baseball in America is THE sport that reflects a truly diversified culture. Its players make up a balanced variety of 10-15 ethnic groups from at least 15 - 20 countries. It's a democratic game demonstrating discipline, agility, mental cunning and alertness, strength, teamwork, speed & stamina.

Some of the countries represented on the 30 American Major League Baseball teams are: Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Ireland, Chile, and the United States.

The author, Brian Patrick Moore, still swinging the bat!

Left-handed first baseman Brian Moore, at bat in an amateur sandlot Sunday morning baseball game in the city of Hudson, Pasco County, Florida. He plays in a sandlot league competing with players ages 16 to 60.

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