Ukraine War Protest in Florida gains surprise support from Trump-Loving "The Villages"!

by Brian Patrick Moore, February 10, 2022

—12 Antiwar Activists Took to the Streets in The Villages to Protest Against a U.S.-Russian War

Bob Horner, Harriet Heywood, Brian Moore, Al Mytty and unnamed protester. Demonstrated on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, at The Villages, City of Wildwood, Sumter County, Florida

Antiwar demonstrators expressed surprise at the amount of positive responses of support they received from passersby Saturday morning in “ The Villages,” who honked their car, truck and golf cart horns, gave thumbs up and even yelled words of encouragement from car windows. “We should have expected such a reaction since we were in a very conservative community which is considered either Trump or Republican country,” said Brian Moore, one of the participants. "However, we were so worried on getting a good turnout, as The Villages is geographically centered, that we forgot we could touch a responsive nerve and win such disarming aid and help from the majority of passing residents.”

Al Mytty, the main organizer of the event, and one of three participating demonstrators from The Villages, agreed saying “The possibility of war in Ukraine is an issue that all Americans should oppose, regardless of political persuasion.” Mytty added

that “Congress and Biden will fund more for war and weapons, but not budget for peace.”

12 antiwar activists from various parts of Central Florida (Orlando, Homosassa, Spring Hill and The Villages) protested the Ukraine border crisis with Russia. The demonstrators were concerned at America’s armaments being sent to Ukraine and sending U.S. troop support to nearby neighboring NATO countries.

Trade Justice Alliance (Harriet Heywood of Homosassa), Veterans for Peace (Army Veteran and former Lewiston, ME, Mayor, Larry Gilbert of the Villages, and his wife, Pat), World Beyond War (Al Mytty of The Villages), PeaceAction (David Gibson), and the NatureCoast Coalition for Peace & Justice from Spring Hill were the sponsoring groups based in Marion, Citrus, Orange and Hernando counties respectively. Bob Horner, Leader of Partners For Peace-Florida, a U.S. Air Force retiree from Orlando, and his wife, were some of the other antiwar participants.

The peace groups in Central Florida joined forces with CODEPINK’s nationwide efforts to protest a potential U.S.-Russian war, which could result from the growing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

Larry and Pat Gilbert, with Al Mytty behind them waving the flag in front of the yellow "The Villages" sign.

Harriet Heywood and Brian Moore at the intersection where protesters moved their signs in the direction traffic from all four county roads.

Other demonstrators not in picture.

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