Understanding Confederate Americans, Instead of calling them traitors!

By Brian P. Moore

May 10, 2021

Confederate Flag holder, AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES, SAUL LOEB

Confederate Flag holder, New York Times

Response from Brian Moore to a Tampa Bay Times editorial, "Quit commemorating Confederate traitors," Sunday, May 9, 2021,

Letter To the Editor

Tampa Bay Times

St. Petersburg, Florida


Many of our country’s founders were traitors too, but they were part of a winning revolutionary war.

Before the Civil War, six northern states considered seceding from the union in opposition to southern slavery and the slave owner’s push toward western expansion. Even Texas today has a strong movement to secede from the union.

Our national constitution gives all Americans the right to alter, abolish or rearrange its government if destructive of the people’s safety and happiness.

The editorial board's definition of confederates as “traitors” in our country pales in light of the many opposition movements, north and south, in our nation’s history.

The board’s analogy that it is “a year of reckoning," with George Floyd's death and the storming of the Capitol with Confederate flags, somehow justifies eliminating Confederate symbols (i.e. holidays) since a certain segment of America has turned against all people Confederate.

Yes, slavery was a flawed cause for an evil institution, but people then were captive of their times, some times unable to see better truths that are now clear to most of us. And they were defending an encroachment of their state and their homes.

This is not the time to divide and turn Americans against one another, as if it isn’t already, based on the Trump presidency and the partisan divide.

If anything, the editorial board should be calling on our “better angels” to come together as a nation and to call for a greater understanding of Confederate Americans.

Brian P. Moore

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