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Withdrawing from the Green Party and It's presidential nomination campaign!

No Blind Justice within Green Party

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


To: Green Party Florida and GP US Presidential Campaign Support Committee


I have cancelled my voter registration with the Green Party.


Since I had filed an interest in July 2023 and an intention in October 2023 to seek the Green Party Presidential nomination for 2024, my party withdrawal immediately cancels my presidential candidacy effort as well.


My departure is based on a combination of factors; my disappointment with the Green Party, its primary system, Ms. Stein’s favored candidacy and my own domestic situation.


My limited and recent experience with the national GP Peace Action Committee over the last several months has been invigorating and its member’s passion and principles have been admirable.  They have represented everything I think any Peace/Antiwar group should be and how it should act in a pro-active manner.


And my more limited exposure to the GP EcoAction Committee’s passion and aggressiveness was also impressive.


However, it is clear that the overall Green Party membership wants to focus on identity politics instead of seeking more practical solutions for working class Americans.


The Green Party’s platform promotes interest groups and their rights at the expense of the common good, as well as the loss of basic constitutional rights for every-one.   In addition, its’ adherence to “political correctness” has created elitist authoritarians in the Party denying freedom of expression to those with differing opinions.  


Furthermore, the Green Party is a shell. It has not built an infrastructure in the last 20 years.   To my knowledge, it has had no presence on state legislatures or in the U.S. Congress.  And it has only had a handful of mayors in small cities, some of which were voted in by city council rotation.  And, it nominates a presidential candidate every four years, creating a “spoiler party” image only.  


The Green Party’s platform distracts from a failing corrupt economic system in America, capitalism.  The GP plays into the hands of capitalists and their sidetracking issues of racism, gender equality, sexual preference, climate change, class, caste, history, immigration, etc.


The Green Party needs to give more practical solutions for peoples’ real needs in their lives and to change and emphasize America’s economic system in a more radical and egalitarian way.  This will effectively solve the identity issues in a fairer manner.  And it will be done without alienating the very people the Party purports to represent, and without violating everyone’s basic constitutional rights.


The leftwing shares responsibility with the rightwing in America’s growing polarization and loss of trust in the country’s traditional institutions.  And, ironically, it has demonstrated a lack of empathy for the working class.  In fact, blue collar and low-wage workers feel alienated, forgotten, and unrepresented.  They have become resentful of and disenfranchised from the very political parties who claim to represent them!


Yes, there is extremism on the right, but the left is just as guilty, even to the point of denying freedom of speech, equal rights and due process when involving identity groups. 


I concur with a recent columnist who said that America’s leftist’s adherence to secularism and individual rights has broken down communities, the very social fabric of our country.


Had I pursued the GP 2024 presidential nomination, my campaign would have included challenging the status quo of the Green Party US and its long-time candidate Jill Stein.


Ms. Stein is from the same pedigree of most presidential candidates in the two major parties.  Most of the modern day presidents, or candidates for president, have been Ivy-League graduates of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Rutgers, Brown, Dartmouth or Swarthmore.   Or from prestigious women’s colleges like Barnard, Wellesley or Bryn Mown. 


Doctor Stein is a graduate of Harvard University, and also of Harvard’s Medical School.  Her net worth in 2016 was reported at about $8.5 million, which included her investments in companies and corporations she previously had criticized in campaigns violating environmental standards.


Furthermore, Ms. Stein was a long-time Democratic voter and Democratic candidate until switching to the Green-Rainbow Party Coalition in 2002.  The Rainbow Coalition's essence was also based on identity politics.  Plus, Stein has no history that I am aware of, of supporting third party presidential or minor party congressional candidates. That should be the type of attributes and experience the Green Party should seek in its 2024 nominee.


Dr. Stein’s early endorsement and embrace of Cornel West (and being his Campaign Manager) reflects a lack of faith in the Green Party’s democratic primary process.  And an unwritten assumption by her and among many members in the Party, who have taken on a predetermined attitude that Mr. West “was to be the party’s anointed one!”


Ms. Stein, as West’s campaign manager, appeared to be blind-sided by Professor West’s sudden withdrawal and her total lack of awareness of what lead up to his swift departure.


Interestingly, Doctor West historically has been a Democrat, and has mostly endorsed Democrats for President.  It was only after another Democrat he endorsed in 2004 pulled out, that he threw his support to Ralph Nader.  Granted, West is an elegant speaker and outspoken liberal, but mostly along the same lines of identity politics.


Now that Ms. Stein is seeking the presidential nomination for the third time, there is also a prevalent attitude in the GP social media among GP members that “she (Stein) is now the anointed one.” 


This is another example of GP members acting in the same undemocratic way the Democratic and Republican parties operate when it comes to selecting and protecting their favored presidential candidates.


Another critical note on Jill Stein’s 2024 candidacy is her recent statement criticizing “Angry white men.”  This, again, reflects her and the Green Party’s adherence to identity politics. 


Even Ms. Stein’s previous selection of Vice-Presidential candidates reflects an identity bias.  She chose two women as her running mates in the 2012 and 2016 campaigns.   Cheri Hankala was a Green Party member and former homeless activist when chosen in 2012.  Nina Hudson Turner, a Ohio State Senator, and a Democrat, was chosen by Stein in 2016, but turned it down the following day deciding to remain a Democrat. 


In Ms. Turner’s place, Stein selected Dr. Ajamu Baraka, a peace activist from Amnesty International.  And then Ms. Stein continued to reflect the Party’s preference for race, gender and Democrats, over its’ own third party identity, by promoting Cornel West as the GP 2024 presidential nominee.  Dr. West is a former supporter of many Democrats, and in 2016 supported Democrat Bernie Sanders.


Since Ms. Stein will turn 74 years of age in May 2024, the Green Party should request that she release her medical records, as I would have done at the age of 81 if I had remained in the Green Party primary race in 2024.


Now I will be self-relegated to running a shadow presidential campaign, and will continue in that capacity to urge the Greens and other leftist third parties to alter their platforms and change their priorities to better reflect the entire country’s working class needs, as well as helping themselves electorally.


Sincerely, Brian Patrick Moore, Florida


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