Young Tampa critics of cuban gov.'t are shallow merchants pretending to be patriotic!

by Brian P. Moore

Monday, October 25, 2021

Letter-to-the-editor, Tampa Bay Times

Brian's response to Tampa Bay Times article "'SOS Cuba movement shows again that Tampa has a stake in island's future," Oct. 19, 2021, by Juan Carlos Chavez, Latin Affairs reporter.

The SOS Cuba movement in Tampa appears to be made up of a very small group of Cuban newcomers to Tampa, involved in their own small businesses, or belonging to a conservative Republican non-profit organization, LIBRE, funded by the wealthy Koch brothers to the tune of $10 million.

It promotes limited government; reduction in increased taxes and criticizes President Biden's infrastructure bills as wasting taxpayer monies on unnecessary social programs.

The young people interviewed blamed the July 11th demonstrations in Cuba as the fault of an "authoritarian government," while hardly acknowledging the global pandemic and catastrophic shortage of food and medicine directly resulting from the 60-year old U.S. embargo!

The people interviewed sounded like whiners, loners and misfits, and only offered tried platitudes without any proof of Cuba's "systemic shortcomings."

The concerns for democracy and human rights by the "new dissidents" should apply to the USA, and not to Cuba. America has conducted “crimes against humanity” with an unethical and inexcusable life-long economic blockade on a small struggling poor nation.

The US Congress has also discriminated against all other legal immigrants to America by providing unfair special privileges, for political reasons, to over two million Cubans, both island and U.S. born.

America’s actions are a shameful legacy on our nation, its leaders and citizens.

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