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Meet Brian Moore:

Brian Moore was born and raised in Oakland, California and is the second of seven children of an Irish-Catholic family. 


All four of his grandparents emigrated by ship in the early 1900’s from Ireland to New York City.  They met and married in San Francisco, California.  His two grandfathers were a railroad section gang foreman (46 years) and a ferryboat and oil tanker engineer (35 years).  His father worked 44 years for the Southern Pacific Railroad.


Brian attended catholic elementary, high school and college, as well as he studied for the Franciscan Order priesthood for five years in four of the 21 Missions of California.


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, he attended graduate school for one year (political science) at California State University and earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration at Arizona State University


After leaving the seminary in 1967 Brian began his anti-war and political activity involvements while in his first year of graduate school.  He protested various American wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan).


After graduate school, Brian joined the U.S. Peace Corps in 1969, at the age of 26, and was a Volunteer in the country of Panama for a year and one-half and Peru for another year and a half.


He pioneered work in the health maintenance organization industry in

California, Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey and the Washington, DC. Area.  Simultaneously with his work, and as a long time bachelor, he was a civic activist and political campaign volunteer.


He also worked internationally as a health care consultant for five additional years, in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Africa, thereby working overseas for eight years.  He speaks Spanish.


Brian worked on state, congressional and presidential campaigns supported mostly liberal and progressive candidates in major and minor political parties:  Democrats, Independents, Citizens, Reform, Green and Socialist Parties, most of whom opposed America’s unjustified wars.


Brian became a candidate himself, running mostly as an independent, in Washington, DC, opposing city council and mayoral candidates, including “Mayor for Life” Marian S. Barry. 


He moved to Florida in 2000 and was an independent or Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, Governor (in 2010 he received over 201,000 votes (23.3%) in the Democratic gubernatorial primary election, opposing Ms. Alex Sink. 


In 2008 he ran as the official Socialist Party USA presidential candidate against Democratic candidate, US Senator Barack Obama and Republican candidate, US Senator John McCain.  Brian qualified on the ballot in 12 states.  He lost to Ralph Nader for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination in the party’s state convention in California that same election year.


Brian married a widow in 2003, Peggy, and is the grandfather of three grandchildren by marriage.


For the last two years Brian was a full-time substitute high school teacher in the Pasco County School District, Florida.  However, he is now dedicating his entire workday to this website, blogging, podcasting, third party politics, and writing a book of his political experiences.  Thus, the request for financial support is made at the bottom of this web cover page.

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