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Brian Patrick Moore for State Senate 11
Green Party

(Area includes all of Citrus, Sumter and Hernando Counties; and a
small part of West Pasco County)


Economic policies for new revenues:

  • institute a 5% luxury tax .

  • cap annual individual earnings at $25 Million; corporate profits at $1 Billion

  • tax Seminole’s $2.4 billion revenues; it is only FL. corp. not taxed

  • tax crypto currency transactions at 3%

  • cap payday loans at 7% interest to end predatory lending

  • establish a capital gains or speculation tax of 5%

  • build affordable mass transit throughout state


Environmental/Energy Policies:


  • fine chemical and carbon polluters up to 10% of their annual income

  • fund climate change activities equally in interior and coastal areas of state

  • increase funding for environmental and water purification & preservation 

  • end contracting spring waters to private companies

  • Increase desalinization projects on both Eastside and Westside FL. coastlines

  • Increase hydro, thermal, solar, biomass and wind as renewable energy sources

  • stop turnpike/parkway expansion


Healthcare and Housing policies:


  • establish free child care, especially for single mothers

  • expand Medicaid

  • establish state-run adoption agencies and foster home programs

  • support single mothers in housing, food, clothing, transportation, etc.

  • invest in public housing, tenant protections and rental assistance

  • impose a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions.

  • seize foreclosed/abandoned homes

  • create community land trusts allowing for home ownership


Government Run Agencies:


  • support public education

  • nationalize power industry in Florida to end price gauging

  • create state bank to provide student loans/mortgages to low/middle class

  • establish public elections

  • make Election Day a paid holiday

  • return voting rights to ex-felons; ban privately run prisons.

  • establish state property insurance/tort reform

  • Cultural policies:

  • protect LBGTQ rights

  • sexual education in schools

  • increase gun ownership age to 26 years

  • expand gun registration, ammo/gun limits; no open carry 

  • end identifying groups by color, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual pref. 

  • end revisionist grievance culture of Republicans & cancel culture of Democrats

  • protect women’s abortion rights.

  • decriminalize all drugs and treat drug addiction

  • reinforce due process protections for first defenders


Immigration Policies:


  • streamline/simplify vetting process of immigrants

  • welcome refugees from all continents

Policies Toward Foreign Countries:

  • support Puerto Rico’s call for independence

  • end 60 year Cuban embargo; send humanitarian aid to Cuba

  • end special privileges for Cuban immigrants; equal treatment for all

  • support Miami-Dade/Broward county secession from state

Advocate Ukraine-Russia Truce:

  • demand President Biden deal directly with President Putin.

  • stop sending U.S. weapons to Ukraine 

  • withdraw US nuclear warheads from 6 European countries

  • end U.S. sanctions on Russian fuel causing inflation/ winter deaths

  • stop restricting wheat shipments causing starvation and war continuation

  • stop US war-training of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine 

  • stop new sanctions/threats on Russia increasing danger of nuclear war. 

Housing and Public Transit:

We have an affordable housing crisis in Florida, and no effective
public transit system.

Brian will be a leading voice on affordable housing in Tallahassee,
lifting up the importance of renters rights alongside affordable
housing dollars and local government policies to support the
creation of more housing options.

He will be a champion of home rule, because the people at a local
level can do things better than the politicians in Tallahassee.


He will challenge the rising cost of property insurance rates,

knowing that more extreme weather patterns, bad actors and

the rising cost of global reinsurance rates will make the situation


Brian will also work hard to build an effective and reliable public
transit system, saving people thousands of dollars that would
otherwise be used at the gas pump. He knows we need to invest
in commuter trains and improve public bussing.

Through bringing stakeholders together,utilizing the latest technology,

and securing affordable housing funds, while supporting active policy

solutions, we will create smart infrastructure that supports growth

and a better quality of life for all Floridians.

Economy and Jobs:

No Floridian should live in poverty. We will fight for fair wages
and fairer taxes, economic upward mobility, and support our
community’s small businesses, entrepreneurs, and unions.

Brian is committed to supporting our talent pipeline, ensuring a
pathway to economic opportunity that is unique to each person.
This means supporting our higher-ed institutions, training and
scholarship programs, and preventing student debt along with
reducing the costs of textbooks.

He will work to make dramatic improvements of Florida’s
unemployment benefits system, not only in modernizing the
CONNECT website but in increasing the Weekly Benefit Amount
Floridians receive too.

When it comes to tax policy, you will not find a stronger champion
for everyday people than Brian Moore. He will bravely call out
the unnecessary nature of corporate tax giveaways.  Plus, he will
actively fight for tax breaks, a basic universal income and a fairer
economic system where Florida families will benefit.

Healthcare as a Human Right:

Florida has some of the worst healthcare outcomes. We will fight
to expand Medicaid, identify funding sources for mental health,
and will ensure that every Floridian, regardless of pre-existing
conditions, will have world-class health care.

Brian supports the right of a woman to solely chose healthcare for
herself. The government or other people have no right to
intervene in matters that are healthcare issues for her.

Brian supports the use of Medical cannabis, and will prioritize and
support Floridians who are suffering from the opioid crisis.

Brian also supports harm reduction programs, and rehabilitation
versus incarceration when it comes to overcoming addiction.


He will also fight for the elimination of the wait list for the Agency for
Persons with Disability (APD).   He will secure an increase in APD funds
supporting those in need:  Children, seniors, veterans and those

displaced by climate change.  Plus, he will support the formally

incarcerated and disabled community as well.  All need and deserve

a State Senator who cares and fights for them.


We will always advocate for marginalized communities, and ensure
the well-being of Florida’s families (including our pets)!

Brian Is opposed to the private for-profit sector administering the
state’s prisons. It should be entirely under the auspices of the
state government as a non-profit institution.

Educational Access and Attainment:

We must fully fund our public schools, pay our teachers
competitive salaries and eliminate high-stakes testing.


We will ensure access to both higher education and accelerated

vocational training programs, for our high school students and graduates.

Brian believes we need to invest in meaningful school safety
measures, including mental health and crisis intervention
programs. This will include trauma-informed care beginning at


Brian will also advocate against efforts to privatize our
traditional public schools with tax dollars and no accountability.

Environmental Protection:

Florida’s future economy relies on protecting and preserving our
national resources, from waterways to beaches, to
environmentally sensitive lands.


As the Sunshine State, we should be the global leader in renewable

energy, especially solar.


Brian supports a ban on fracking, investment in land and water
conservation and spring protection. He will work to block the
impact of climate change, and to ensure environmental justice.

Brian endorses and supports the efforts of the “No Roads to Ruin”
Coalition to stop the State of Florida’s costly, wasteful and
unnecessary extension of the Florida Turnpike and the Veterans
Expressway/Parkway into northern Florida.

Brian will protect the state’s valuable resources in the areas of
climate change, opposition to fossil fuels and advocacy for a
reliable mass transit system, via commuter trains and improved
public bussing.

Unity in Troubling Times:

We live in complicated times, and in a world where we are so
divided that we need to focus on the root of America’s social
crisis---hatred, crime or the social decomposition of our cities.

As someone who has studied at a seminary, Brian can tell you it is
a spiritual crisis and people have forgotten god. In the words of
the Old and New Testament happiness will be found not only in
salvation, but also from the cure for a society suffering a chronic
moral sickness.

As we search for the answers we all used to know, we need to
assure safety in our communities as well as to protect the
fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens.

We need to persuade pastors and spiritual leaders to return to
their pulpits to instruct the Commandments and the truths of our
traditional fathers, and to leave government to elected


We must do what we can to reconstruct the old
conscience-forming and character-development institutions of
society---family, church, home and school.

Government Accountability, Ethics and Freedoms:

Brian will work hard to reduce wasteful government spending and
eliminate the corrupting influence of corporate donations in
elections. We will protect and ensure voter rights, restore home
rule on key issues, and work to ensure legislators are required to
host annual town halls.

He will hold public agencies accountable for unethical behavior
and wasteful spending. You deserve a better government, a
responsive government---one that actually works for you, and
home rule on local issues.

And finally, Brian will fight for Floridians to protect their rights and
American freedoms.  Citizens, workers and companies have been
subject to an across-the-board loss of individual and company
rights and freedoms by Florida’s authoritarian state government.
Under the guise of a so-called “freedom state” Florida is verging
on becoming a totalitarian gulag where big state government is
imposing its fascist will on the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

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