Economic policies:
  • institute a 5% income tax on all income over $500,000 a year.

  • build affordable mass transit throughout state

  • fine chemical and carbon polluters up to 10% of their annual income

  • fund climate change activities statewide (not just for coastal areas)

  • increase funding for environment and water purification/preservation 

  • cap payday loans at 7% interest to end predatory lending

  • cap annual individual earnings at $25 M; corporate profits at $1Billion

  • establish a capital gains or speculation tax of 5%

  • tax Seminole’s $1.3 B profits; only FL. corp. not taxed/pay fair share

  • tax crypto currency transactions at 3%

  • end contracting of spring water to private companies

  • provide monetary reparations, public apologies, other benefits to all minority groups mistreated/abused historically by USA, based on slavery, servitude and systemic racism:  Afro-Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Mexicans, Braceros, Hispanics, Italians, Irish, Jews, Eastern Europeans, Filipinos, Arabs, Middle Easterners, Catholics, Muslims, etc.


Social Justice policies:
  • establish free child care

  • invest in public housing, tenant protections and rental assistance

  •  create community land trusts allowing for home ownership

  • expand Medicaid/Medicare; health care for all residents

  • decriminalize all drugs and treat drug addiction

  • impose a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions.

  • seize foreclosed and abandoned homes; redistribute on need


Government Control policies:
  • institute a universal basic income to end poverty 

  • nationalize power industry in Florida to end price gauging

  • create state bank to provide student loans/mortgages to low/middle class

  • establish state-run community hospitals

  • establish public elections funded by state; no private sector

  • institute a state radio/TV network

  • make election day a paid holiday; establish state-run elections

  • return voting rights to ex-felons; ban privately run prisons.

  • Nationalize property insurance industry

  • Repeal right-to-work law; make Florida union-friendly


Cultural policies:
  • protect LBGTQ rights

  • promote sexual education in schools....

  • expand gun registration, moderate volume of ammunition and type of guns; oppose open carry; increase mental health testing

  • end identifying by color, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference 

  • end woke culture of Republicans; and the cancel culture of Democrats

  • increase women’s pay equity, leadership roles, abortion rights

War/Peace/Immigration Policies:
  • open the borders, increase vetting, protect dreamers, and others

  • integrate refugee and immigrant communities in small rural towns

  • welcome refugees/immigrants from all continents 

  • build new towns near turnpikes, expressways and in rural areas, integrating immigrants/refugees with new Floridian homeowners


Foreign Policy:
  • support Puerto Rico’s call for independence

  • end 60 years-long U.S. embargo of Cuba/send humanitarian aid to Cuba

  • end special privileges for Cuban immigrants; equal treatment for all

  • support Miami-Dade/Broward counties to secede from the state


Ukraine-Russia War:
  • demand President Biden deal directly with President Putin.

  • stop sending U.S. weapons to Ukraine 

  • withdraw US nuclear warheads from 6 European countries

  • end U.S. sanctions on Russian fuel as ineffective and hurting world.

  • stop restricting wheat shipments causing starvation and war continuation

  • stop employing US intelligence for assassinations/training Ukrainians 

  • stop new sanctions/threats to further mobilize Russian people behind Putin; increasing danger of a nuclear launch. 

  • stop American politicians/US officials’ declarations of victory, etc.

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