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Brian Patrick Moore’s Mission Statement

My name is Brian Patrick Moore and I am from the Green Party running for Florida State Senate 11.


I’m running to represent all of Hernando, Citrus and Sumter Counties, and a small part of West Pasco County.


I’m running because Florida isn’t what it once was.   Florida used to be affordable where people could raise a family, ease into old age and retire comfortably.  Now, things are changing for the worst.


Prices are skyrocketing at the grocery store and at the gas pump.  Sky-high rent increases, increasing electricity bills and housing costs are becoming unaffordable.   

Plus, property insurance and automobile insurance are either no longer available to citizens or are being saddled with higher premiums and fewer protections.


The Florida dream of comfort and affordability are disappearing.


Now we need to come together. We need to work on actual solutions because people need help now.   


I’ll be honest, I think a guaranteed income would fix a lot of our problems, but I know it won’t pass the legislative process with a more conservative legislature.


However, I am willing to work with Republicans and Democrats to fix this out of control inflation.


I think big companies like Disney need to pay a little more, because they have had it too easy on the backs of us, the taxpayers.   I think the Seminoles and Miccosukee tribes need to start paying taxes, because they use infrastructure we the people pay for, while they get a free ride making money off their casinos.   


And it is time for new electronic and media services to be taxed appropriately.


If elected, I will represent all Florida residents’ concerns and urge the state legislature to make these different entities pay their fair share of taxes.


I hope I can earn your vote, and let’s make Florida more affordable again!

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