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Hypocritical Outrage Over Neo-Nazi's in Charlottesville While US Funded Nazi's in Ukraine Gov.'t overthrow in 2014!

Biden Administration continues American support of Ukraine's costly war with Russia in 2024, leading to possible European War or nuclear dangers. The need for an armistice is urgently needed now as U.S. depletes its own military arsenals for America's protection.

Picture of Neo-Nazi's protesting in Charlottesville, August12, 2017

Nazi Marchers in Charlottesville, August, 2017

Picture of Neo-Nazi's marching in Ukraine as part of US Funded effort to undermine the democratically elected government of Ukraine, February, 2014.

America acted as if it is in the state of shock over the right-wing marching and anti-semitic chanting of white supremacists, neo-Nazi’s and KKK groups in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, in response to the city’s vote to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Just because these groups echoed hate-speech, does not justify the counter protesters confrontations and violence to deny the constitutional rights of the right wing protestors who conducted a legally-approved march.

Ironically, the public outcry by the majority of Americans at the presence of Neo-Nazi’s marching in the United States, flies in the face of what the United States government has done over the past 8 years in the country of Ukraine. Under America’s foreign policy and its president, Barack Obama, our government spent over $5 billion to undermine the democratically elected government of Ukraine.

The Obama administration worked in partnership with fascist movements in Ukraine, including Neo-Nazi groups, to undermine the democratically elected Ukrainian President,, Viktor Yanukovych. He was overthrown in February, 2014. The majority of the population in the government-controlled east regarded the change in power as an "illegal armed coup.”

The United States government also has a recent dark history of engineering the overthrow of a both dictators and democratically elected leaders in Iran in 1954, in Guatemala in 1954, in the Congo in 1960, in the Dominican Republic in 1961, in south Vietnam in 1963, in Brazil 1964, and in Chile in 1973.

Salvador Allende, the democratically elected Socialist president of Chile was overthrown by American financed Chilean newspapers (El Mecurio), a bribed military leadership and CIA financed middle class protesting housewives. The US even sent guns and ammunition in US diplomatic pouches to the American embassy in Chile which were used in the assassination of a military general loyal to President Allende, prior to the President Allende's overthrow and death.

President Nixon, and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, along with the United States Congress backing, initiated, financed and supported the overthrow of Allende's democratically elected government.

So the so-called outrage and taking offense by many groups of citizens in the United States, as to the right wing marchers and their hate chants in Charlottesville in early August, tinge of hypocrisy, a false sense of righteous indignation and a righteous pretense of virtue and piety.

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