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Call for Israeli ceasefire and humanitarian aid to Gazans

Thursday, November 16, 2023


To:  US Congressman Gus Bilirakis: 


Please have Congress call for an immediate ceasefire to Israel and to the international community with authority in areas of war.


And please have these entities assure for the protection of civilians and the establishment of safe zones in the Gaza Strip.


Demand that Israel and the United Nations allow for the entry of Humanitarian Assistance.


Demand that Israel and the United Nations allow for the safe passage of humanitarian aid and medical supplies from Egypt through the Rafah crossing. This must be safeguarded by the international community.


Demand that Israel or the United Nations provide protection of safe, secure and timely delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected population inside the Gaza Strip.


Demand that Israel assure resuming access to water and electricity as well as fuel for medical facilities in the Gaza Strip to all Palestinian citizens.


We ask for nothing less.  We are dependent on your leadership for these humanitarian needs in Gaza.  Thank you.


Brian Patrick Moore

Chair, NatureCoast for Peace and Justice

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