Brian Negates Trump and Democrats as Socialists! Appears on FoxNation's Deep Dive

Former Socialist Party USA presidential candidate (2008) Brian Moore, appeared on FoxNation's Deep Dive Program, on Monday, February 10, 2019, with host Steve Hilton and two other guests, Charlie Kirk & Tezlin Figaro, to discuss "The Surge of Socialism."

Brian explained the essence of socialism is not reflected in recent Democratic ideas espoused by presidential candidates, nor by Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Moore ridiculed President Trump as not understanding socialism, saying the President is only espousing the "red menace" slogans and "politics of fear" shouts of bygone years in America!

Moore promoted the idea of transferring product and service industry ownership from the private sector to worker and community ownership and management, where all of society benefits more equally. Host Hilton acknowledge Moore's "purer" approach to what socialism really is about.

5-minute sample of 30-minute show is in above link. Fox Nation posted following attached note to above link: [Panelist Charlie] Kirk Presses Former Socialist Pres Candidate Brian Moore: Where Have Your [Socialist] Ideas Ever Worked? | Fox News Insider.

Moore, who's even further left than self-described Democratic socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), noted that the U.S. spends the most of any country on health care, yet is 37th in the world in life expectancy.

Kirk countered that the most "broken" and "inefficient" parts of the U.S. health care system are the ones that are government-run, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicaid.

"Let me ask a question: Has there ever been a place where your ideas have worked?" Kirk asked.

Moore acknowledged there are "very few" examples, arguing that Cuba has largely turned over control of education and health care to its citizens, with positive results.

Kirk asked if socialism has worked so well, then why has Cuba banned immigration to the U.S. and why are so many Cubans so desperate to leave?

He said that during the Cold War, the "horrific ideas" of socialism were implemented in more than 100 countries -- including Cuba -- and it "ravaged" communities and cultures.

"We forget that. We have short memories," Kirk said. "And unfortunately, it's very easy to be generous with other people's money."

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